Nappi Head Art
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THE NAPPI HEAD ARTIST Charles E. Thomas was born in 1947 in the state of  Mississippi.  He was the third child of eight.  He attended  school in Mississippi and along with his parents, and siblings,  picked cotton for many years.  Charles moved to Los Angeles  California in 1968 where he got his first taste of making  furniture.  Charles served in the US military for many years where he  received an honorable discharge.  Charles worked at a  prominent furniture manufacturing company for 25 years  where he was the Quality Control Manager.   Charles became  ill and required surgery.  In 1995 he retired for medical  reasons. After retiring, Charles periodically upholstered antiques for  family members and as a hobby, began sculpturing and  carving Art pieces out of everyday items people normally  threw away.   Charles was very encouraged by the many  people wanting to purchase the items he made and “Nappi  Head Art” was born. 
Charles is proud to create “green” Art by recycling reclaimed times such as drift wood, leather, burlap sacks from Africa,  broken jewelry, brass scraps, mirrors, aluminum, paint brushes, structural beams and stairwells from torn down houses.  Charles is most proud of his three grandsons who love working with him using their hands to create their own unique masterpieces.  Charles lives by the motto:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and believes there would be less discord in the world if everyone lived by the same motto.