From the heart of Memphis Tennessee comes unique artifacts made by a local artist  who specializes in transforming discarded items found throughout Memphis and re-purposing them into fine art masterpieces.  These very special hand made items share in providing Memphians a journey into a little “Old School “ culture. Nappi Head Art was born in Memphis Tennessee from discarded, everyday items and re-purposed into fine art sculptures, paintings and furniture.  The reclaimed items include  various scraps of wood, structural beams, old windows, discarded patio frames, aluminum scraps, broken jewelry, brass and copper scraps.  Nappi Head Art pieces also include old pottery, reclaimed leather, African Mud  cloth fabric, African Cowry shells and burlap from Ghana, used paint brushes, broken mirror scraps.  Nappi Head Art also incorporates vintage pieces depicting tools of the slave trade while picking cotton.  Also included are horse, cow and mule yoke harnesses used for driving mules, cows,  horses and other yard farming tools. If you are gift shopping for that special person in your life and looking for a unique item that will appreciate over time, you will find the perfect item in our store!, Simply the finest Art collection in Memphis ever!!
Nappi Head Art
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